Company Resolution

We are a new firm that would like to provide for the needs of our clients. As a firm we are well positioned to provide the necessary expertise and personal services to our clients, including the timeous implementation of projects. Furthermore, our firm is prepared to strive towards the Government principles in helping to build these principles out.

Company Goals

We work towards making an effective and professional contribution to raising the quality of life in all sections of the community. To reach this objective we are committed to a progressive policy staff recruitment, selection and training to all groups in South Africa.

The continuing education given to all our staff will maintain and enhance the high standard of service that we offer our clients. We are thus able to manage construction projects efficiently throughout South Africa.

We believe in the proverbial ‘live and let live’ and also that there is a place for all in South Africa. Our firm is prepared to strive towards the Government principles and in helping to build these principles out. Our goal is to help with the building of the new South Africa.

We inherited the earth and it is up to us to cherish it for the next generation. Proper Consulting Engineers strives to be a strong and diverse organisation that provides for the needs of our clients. Thus, we are proud to also provide environmentalservices to our clients as from 2015. As the environment contributes to the "quality of life", we are committed to implement environmental management on all projects we are involved with. As our practitioner is an experienced 
specialist, allyour needs will be attended to. The preservation of our environment is a passion for Proper Consulting Engineers and we aim to walk the path with you, for you, as well as our next generation.

Projects successfully completed

We have a strong ethos in terms of staff training and development, and believe that empowerment is made possible through the provision of skills. Proper Consulting Engineers feels that in facilitating the development of all staff, and in particular Historically Disadvantaged Individuals, it is contributing to the country’s development and increasing the pool of able professional and technical resources in South Africa.

Our Firm has a tradition of assisting our clients at management level and providing support to enhance their institutional capacity through training. We strive to execute projects in such a way as to contribute towards capacity building in the communities where we operate. Employment creation and the transfer of knowledge and skills to local communities are part of our main objectives in our involvement in projects. We further believe in community participation on all projects and the use of local contractors and labourers as far as possible.

Today we are active in a wide variety of fields. Proper Consulting Engineers is currently a small enterprise with limited resources, when specific projects require specialist involvement we are able to contract in such specialistS. Our involvement includes streets and stormwater projects, water and sewerage projects and structural projects. The number of disciplines covered by Proper Consulting Engineers increased as our activities and expertise widened.


Upgrading of Bulk Water Supply


  • Water and sewerage purification works
  • Water and sewer reticulations, system analysis
  • Pumping mains and mechanical installations in pump stations, including water surge
  • Municipal infrastructure development
  • Reinforce concrete raft foundations
  • Structural design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Roads and stormwater
  • Project management