Construction of Paved roads and Side walks


This project consists of the planning, design and labour intensive construction of a new access road and stormwater drainage. The project included full participation of the community from the project identification phase up until the completion of the construction. Most materials were bought from small local suppliers. A local contractor was appointed for the construction of the project and only made use of local labour.

This project was selected by the EPWP Evaluation and Research Department as one of the best performing projects in South Africa and the only project selected in the Free State.




Upgrading of Bulk Water Supply


  • Water and sewerage purification works
  • Water and sewer reticulations, system analysis
  • Pumping mains and mechanical installations in pump stations, including water surge
  • Municipal infrastructure development
  • Reinforce concrete raft foundations
  • Structural design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Roads and stormwater
  • Project management